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Scotsman has been on the cutting edge of ice machine technology since introducing our first crystal-clear, slow-melting ice cube in 1950. It's a breakthrough that put us on the map - and it paved the way for more than a half century of continuous innovation. Today, we proudly offer the industry's broadest and most reliable and energy-efficient line of ice machines available, with many models carrying the EPA ENERGY STAR seal.

From hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and fast-food outlets, to hospitals, laboratories, fisheries and food processing facilities, Scotsman machines play a crucial role in the success of each operation. With a reliable supply of cubes, flake, nugget, and gourmet ice, in quantities that range from one cube at a time to 10 tons of ice a day, Scotsman is clearly the Ice The World Demands.



The classic cuber ice machine is a best seller for Scotsman Ice Systems. Perfect for mixed drinks, carbonated beverages, ice displays and ice retailing in all types of operations. Explore ice cuber machines for your restaurant, convenience store, hotel or other establishment.

Nugget Machines

Scotsman Ice Systems invented The Original Chewable Ice in 1981 and changed ice history forever. Named nugget ice for its soft, small, unique shape, this beloved form of ice is also known as pellet ice. Perfect for fountain beverages, smoothies, blended cocktails, salad bars and therapeutic use, Scotsman Nugget Ice is a favorite the world over.

Flaker Machines

Ideal for ice displays in retail settings, therapeutic use in hospitals and care facilities, and used in blended beverages, Scotsman flake ice machines produce a soft, slow-melting and versatile ice form that never fails to please.

Ice Dispensers

Whether your operation is full service or self-service, Scotsman has a complete offering of commercial ice dispensers for hospitals, hotels, offices and restaurants. Select from freestanding or countertop ice dispensers available in conventional or touch-free configurations.