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Wood Stone Corporation, based in Bellingham, Washington, has been manufacturing stone hearth and specialty commercial cooking equipment for the foodservice industry since 1990. We have more than 15,000 installations in over 80 countries worldwide.

Wood Stone built its reputation on our family of stone hearth ovens. Our technologically advanced ceramics and engineering expertise, coupled with our high quality construction techniques and attention to detail, are typical of all of our products and relied upon by our loyal customers. Our product offerings have grown since inception and Wood Stone now also designs, engineers and manufactures a line of specialty commercial cooking equipment in addition to our oven offerings.



With adjustable temperatures from 150-650 F, the Gas Plancha is the high performance alternative to both a standard flat top griddle and a gas charbroiler. Quick heat up and recovery let you achieve the flavor profile and texture you want every time. With thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones, the Gas Plancha can support a range of cooking temperatures simultaneously. Cook delicate food at a low temperature in one zone while searing in another. Not only is the temperature consistent across each cooking zone, it's consistent over time. The Gas Plancha holds a set temperature and, because of its fast recovery, allows for constant cooking in the same location

The Electric Countertop Plancha features a small footprint that measures 40 inches x 35 inches with a smooth steel cooking surface 35 inches x 24 inches. Supported by four legs, it is intended for installation on a suitable countertop. The surface of the Electric Countertop Plancha can be used as a direct contact cooking surface like a griddle for searing or sauteing, or heated up to 750 F so that it functions more like an open burner or French Top.


All of our charbroilers and rotisseries have been designed at the request, and to the specifications of chefs. The rotisseries are designed so that the grease doesn't drip onto the fire and cause bitter, acrid smoke to bathe the food; this allows the subtle flavors of your fuelwood of choice to standout. Unlike all other rotisseries, the Wood Stone rotisserie puts the show right up front; the customer can see the mouthwatering food gently rotating through the wall of flame. It's no mystery what that will do for your sales.

Stone Hearth Ovens

Wood Stone's cooking surface is a single 3 to 6 inch (depending on model) piece of high temperature, high-quality ceramic versus old-style multi-piecebrick and tile floors. Heat works like electricity - any gaps or changes in materials interrupt the passing of heat and prevent the floor temperature from remaining even. One-piece floor construction means a consistent, unbroken heat transfer, resulting in higher production and a better quality product.

Wood Stone's single-piece domes have high ceilings, over 20 inches (520mm), providing greater dome stability and more thermal headspace. Thermal headspace is the space between the top of the dome and the top of the doorway.
More info on why you should go with Wood Stone's Hearth Oven is found here.


Solid Fuel Charbroiler offers an easy and intuitive wood-fired grill, built to the exacting standards and legendary quality of Wood Stone. A blazing fire along the rear of the firebox offers stunning theatrics, and creates the coals used to power the charbroiler. Cast from the same material as our stone hearth ovens, the ceramic firebox stores and radiates heat, ensuring easy temperature and fuel management. The Mt. St. Helens utilizes cast iron grates resting on a stainless steel frame system and can be removed individually in 6-inch sections.