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Over 120 years of experience in the commercial dishwasher business has earned Champion the reputation of "The Dishwashing Machine Specialist." Headquarted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Champion remains devoted to excellence - in products, manufacturing, sales and service. Champion has ENERGY STAR® qualified dish machines in all categories. From the smallest glasswasher to the most complex flight machine capable of efficiently cleaning and sanitizing 20,000 wares per hour, it pays to work with Champion.

Champion Industries and Bi-line Conveyor Systems combine to provide a truly integrated approach to warewashing, ware handling and waste reduction solutions. Whether you need a large capacity flight-type dishwasher or a compact undercounter dishwasher, Champion can engineer a complete dish handling solution to meet all your needs.


Undercounter Dishwashers

These compact, efficient and versatile undercounter dishwashing machines are perfect for bars, nursing homes, churches and other small commercial kitchens. We offer ENERGY STAR® qualified High Temperature undercounter machines and Low Temperature undercounter models that operate quietly with double-wall construction and feature door openings that can accommodate large wares and trays.

Door Machines

Champion Commercial Door Type Dishwasher Machines preserve space, water, chemicals and energy while producing sparkling clean dishes. These machines are available in both low temperature and high temperature models that can be easily converted from straight through to corner operations. Ventless options are also available to reduce heat, installation costs and energy usage.

Accumulators and Conveyors

BI-LINE converyors specialize in creating custom innovative solutions in automated soiled ware transportation. Our equipment is built to the highest quality and is able to handle any situation.

Flight Machines

Champion Flight Machines Dishwashers offer high production foodservice operations the effeciency they need. These machines feature electronic sensors that provide energy savings by shutting down the pump when in idle and can easily handle as many as 20,000 dishes per hour.

Trisys Waste Handling

Champion's Trisys waste handling system equipment options provide maximum flexibility, energy efficient and sustainable foodwaste handling designed to meet your needs. The pulpers are free standing self-contained units designed to process food, paper and other waste into a semi-dry pulp for disposal.