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InSinkErator® knows disposals best, because they were our idea. Headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, InSinkErator® is a business unit of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and is the world's largest manufacturer of garbage disposals and instant hot water dispensers for home and commercial use. Yet, InSinkErator is not only the largest manufacturer of disposals, we invented them in 1927.

For over seventy-five years, InSinkErator® has been making food service operations more productive with equipment solutions designed specifically for restaurants, stores, schools, hotels, hospitals and stadiums. From food waste disposers and reduction systems to hot water dispensers and water saving systems, InSinkErator has a foodservice equipment solution to enhance your day-to-day operations.



Our food waste disposers help foodservice operations run at peak performance, enhancing day-to-day productivity by increasing staff efficiency, reducing operating costs and improving kitchen sanitation.

Pulper Systems

Divert food waste from landfills and reduce hauling costs with the next-generation InSinkErator pulper. Tri-Cycle™ reduces food waste volume by up to 90% and mass by up to 75% using a 10 HP, uniquely designed grinder and powerful dewatering centrifuge. The compact, standalone design processes 50 lbs. of food waste per minute and can be placed nearly anywhere, in or out of the kitchen. The system requires only electrical and plumbing hook-ups. Ideal for operators participating in compost programs and customers with limited pre-hauling storage. Tri-Cycle features a digital user interface panel that displays operational prompts and system status throughout its working cycle. The system includes a built-in automatic cleaning cycle, as well as a 95-second deep cleaning cycle activated by the push of a button. End-of-shift cleaning process takes approximately 3.5 minutes.

PowerRinse Collector

When dishwashing operators fall behind, so does operational efficiency. A door dishwasher can clean between 50-125 racks per hour depending on the model. A conveyor dishwasher can clean up to 400 racks per hour. Avoid a traffic jam at your dishwashing station with a system designed to simplify and speed up the pre-rinse and scrapping process. PowerRinse® Trough (Model PRT) is designed for multiple operators in large sized, high volume commercial kitchen. Dishwashing operators use both hands to scrap dishes into a powerful trough of recirculated water, cutting the time it takes to clear dishes in half � sometimes even tripling their speed!


Through Grind2Energy's innovative process, food waste is ground on-site using a customized, industrial-strength foodservice grinder. Food waste is converted into energy-rich slurry and transported to an anaerobic digestion facility where methane is extracted for energy production. The remaining biosolids become nutrient-rich fertilizer.

The food recycling system enables you to dispose of all types of unavoidable food waste - including fats, oils and grease - faster, cleaner and easier. Improve your operations, minimize avoidable food waste, and reduce odors, pests, emissions, and labor costs - all while protecting the environment.